Thursday, 27 December 2007

What is DhivExercise?

DhivExercise is a blog aimed to assist and support Maldivians in their endeavor to an active and healthier lifestyle through exercise. This blog will answer questions in academic terms but in simplest language for the public to understand. Questions such as complications in training (periodisation of training, training principles, sports diet...etc) and other similar questions that arise in training are welcome.

Since exercise science is one of the most researched areas in recreation and health, it is necessary to get the most accurate information regarding exercising. There have been many 'myths' and misinterpretations in this specific field, with experienced and academic personnel clashing in our society. All of my answers will be based on my personal experience in the field as a military trainer and latest research available on the topic.

Exercise science is such a vast area with such principles as endurance training, strength training, weight gain/hypertrophy, weight loss, sports specific training, functional training, health maintenance/rehabilitation...etc. Questions can be based on any topic regarding any of the mentioned.

I hope that this blog will help you gain information on taking up a training program and maintaining one for an infinite time. We can work through together to build a healthy and active lifestyle in your daily lives. Keep those questions coming.

Mujey for DhivExercise